Love4Art Studio: a group story

Some like blues, bold and vivid preferably, others mix up pink with turquoise. We celebrate colors. Some lean to impressionism, others to romantic illustrations or Pop Surrealism while some say they have no particular style. Some of us are beachcombers or go through piles of junk; at times we recycle and assemble. We are grateful that we can and that our eyes are opened to … Continue reading Love4Art Studio: a group story

Words in a magical fire

So Deedee showed me this magical fire, a fire in which I can throw 5 items and they will then magically disappear forever from my mind, my world, the world, the Internet, my memory, a faraway land or whichever reality, maybe ultimately the collective consciousness, the largest archive ever. A fire I had never seen before this day. This is a powerful fire and an … Continue reading Words in a magical fire