Words in a magical fire

So Deedee showed me this magical fire, a fire in which I can throw 5 items and they will then magically disappear forever from my mind, my world, the world, the Internet, my memory, a faraway land or whichever reality, maybe ultimately the collective consciousness, the largest archive ever. A fire I had never seen before this day. This is a powerful fire and an … Continue reading Words in a magical fire

Bright light and binoculars

I hike the globe and universe with my magical and really classy sunglasses and a clock in my backpack. I hike in my unique pink underwear made of real wool. Specific details on my underwear are the white stripes and purple dots. I think it makes me look authentic. I have my sunglasses to filter the sunlight which is really bright in most places. To … Continue reading Bright light and binoculars