Bright light and binoculars

I hike the globe and universe with my magical and really classy sunglasses and a clock in my backpack. I hike in my unique pink underwear made of real wool. Specific details on my underwear are the white stripes and purple dots. I think it makes me look authentic. I have my sunglasses to filter the sunlight which is really bright in most places. To structure my hiking adventures I set my smart-clock with special features, just to make sure I won’t get lost in my travels, thoughts and time. You see, I need to get back in time for dinner and a good glass of wine.

My clock records the peculiar moments in time and beams it into the universe. Just so these can be everlasting and survive the end of times and eternity.

I play with my hobbits in all these beautiful places, on the hills and along the shore. I wear wool a lot, to stay warm in the evening breeze out in the fields. My hobbits have special binoculars made in Switzerland, from a customized series developed for Caribbean explorers. With these they get to see things beyond the horizons. Although, that is not easy if you have sand in your eyes. Their imagination goes wild and the smells excite them.

We travel, hike, play and bathe in beams of bright light, wearing wool. Always having this sense of structure, while forgetting about the clock. The clock that ticks to the beat of the universe.

We search for special finds, little treasures, things that came from faraway and forgotten worlds and hang them in God’s magical tree in the backyard. An evergreen with a hundred branches full of thorns that needs no water. Birds are amazed by the sight. They chirp and sing beautiful songs all day long until they go to sleep. I watch them in my underwear. Stupefied.


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