The queen of all

I am almost one with the strawberry sky which is endlessly creamy with a vanilla feel at the same time, just being a visual spectacle. The sky I see only in my recurrent dream. I have tried to bring it to my canvas a few times but did not succeed to my satisfaction. The sky caresses the mountains as if they were silky breasts. I am standing there for a long time trying to taste the sky because you cannot help to associate it with a delicious ice cream flavor. I have come for the fields of 200 different types of Jasmine shrubs and the scent of a hundred aphrodisiacs and to lose myself in memories, discoveries, a far away future, a sea of color and sensorial experiences.

I am breathing it all in. The wind comes from the sea and the perfume molecules are sprinkled lightly with salt. Jasmine in the sea breeze… I am standing in a field a thousand times bigger than my grandmother’s garden. There is a connection. I stand in both places at the same time.

When I was fifteen we lived with our grandparents for a year. My grandmother liked to garden. Till this day I have two of her big aluminum planters. She had Jasmine in her garden and I love the scent. Years later, I planted Jasmine right below my bedroom window and when the Jasmine blossoms, the scent fills my bedroom and I am reminded I was once fifteen.

Scents can take you anywhere in time and place. Science can explain this in terms of chemical molecules. Scientists have confirmed the existence of human pheromones and I experienced an explosion of them a few months ago. A little embarrassing I must say.

And how could we recognize this one special person without our sense of smell? You know you cannot fall in love with a person if you don’t connect with his or her body scent, now do you? It is actually our noses that find love.

A few weeks ago I suddenly got very interested in aromatherapy and where the fragrances take me. So I am on a quest for essential oils and I study the effects they have on my brain, body, mood and travels in my mind and maybe spiritual experience. I read books, articles and watch documentaries. It surprises me a little bit, because of all my senses I use my eyes the most, my sight leads, and the others follow. At least that is how I see it.

I open a door to a new world. I gather many essential oils in a short time but I have yet to find Jasmine, the queen of all. Bergamot and Tulsi, Pine, Rosemary, Blood orange and Lavender, of course. Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lemongrass, Spearmint, a ‘Breathe easy’ and a ‘Good nite’ blend and more to try. All very rich scents.

My quest leads me to India, Africa and the Mediterranean. I travel through people, stories, movies, experiences, memories and dreams. I hope to find new treasures, a portal, and a stronger sense of my inner voice, more knowledge and magic. And so now I stand in this gigantic field somewhere in India, my grandfather’s place of birth. I have come for the Jasmine, the queen of all.


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