Wild donkeys

We went on a field trip and looked for donkeys in the area of Seroe Colorado, Vader Piet and Baby beach. The foundation ‘Salba nos Burico’ that protects donkeys on the island is working on their next calendar for fundraising:

“Hi Gina, onze vaste fotograaf voor de kalender van ‘Salba nos Burico’ zit in de lappenmand. Hij kan dit jaar geen foto’s maken. Nu vroeg hij mij om aan diverse mensen te vragen of zij foto’s willen maken, het liefst van de wilde ezels, en dat ik ze naar hem doorstuur. Hij zoekt dan de foto’s uit. Heb je interesse?” vraagt Desiree.

“Yup!” “A field trip with my family of amateur photographers. Should be nice” So, I organized the trip on a quiet Sunday morning. We bought carrots, bread, apples, dogfood, we should be able to find donkeys. It would be nice if they had some tracking device on, but we’ll see. Well, the first hour we saw not one donkey so we were already thinking that we did not have any luck. But then we saw one, walking all by itself. And after another half hour of circling around we found 4 more, one of them is a young male. Still shy, wouldn’t eat out of my hand. He stayed close to his mum.

So we are editing and making a selection and we are sending in the best pictures according to our taste of course. Let’s see if we make the 2020 calendar on donkeys in the wild.


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