Mr. Tomato

“Oh Mr. Tomato! What should I do about your condition?” (I was amazed by the sight of this tomato)

“Condition?” “What condition?” Mr. Tomato asked.

“You seem to be deformed, Mr. Tomato” I said. “You don’t look like you are supposed to, nice and round”

“what do you mean? I look like I am supposed to, abstract and in a peculiar way. That is how I was created!” Mr. Tomato replied. “It is you who needs me to look a certain way. So you can do all kinds of things to me, slice and mix me, chop me, mash me, bake me, fry me and cook me.” “I thought I would look different and then maybe you would let me be.” said Mr. Tomato

I felt he had a point. He looks pretty cool, don’t you think?


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