Art journal pages

Found this book. It was a donation to the library. We already have it in our collection, so I brought this copy home. It is a page from the book titled ‘De elfen’, (Faeries) a fantasy classic by illustrators Brian Froud and Alan Lee. Two talented artists who in their illustrations explored the world of faeries in myths, legends, and folklore.

I am also watching ‘Merlin’ on Netflix, the chapter on the Druid boy, Season 1, episode 8. Netflix has given meaning to the word ‘Binge-watching’ to me. Before 2018, I don’t think I knew what that was.

The doodle is made with Japanese ink, color: Sienna. Collage: temporary image of a black woman, sitting still, while her hair grows. Her hair ties the different elements on the page together. The black bird stands alone and looks out for what is on the next page. A connection between the Shetland isles and this island. I inserted some shapes and words. Just so, we (there is 4 of us) wouldn’t get lost in the image. I am not in this image. Just my signature and the year. The year we are about to leave behind.


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