Studio visit: Nelson González

IMG_7149Love4Art Studio did a workshop with visual artist Nelson Gonzalez a couple of months ago and we were inspired by all the experiments. We did different exercises to start a thinking process and a different approach to set up a work. With sketches, collages, text and images, translating from image to text and back, wordplay, working solo and in pairs, combining ideas and thoughts. We also studied the works of artists like Hieronymus Bosch and compared works from different artists. During the workshop with Nelson, I made a painting titled ‘Isola, in an illusory state’ which represents 3 floating islands held up in the sky by bubbles.


Nelson, since then, did many projects and traveled to different places to present his artworks. I dropped by in his studio this week to catch up and found Nelson working on a new ‘Book Art’ project. He is working on the wooden covers of a collection of 25 books which has him completely focused. The books will feature a series of original artworks of Nelson in a book format. Nelson just came back from Curacao where he presented a collection of artworks all tied together by a story titled ‘The seven red points’. I think the story is wonderful and strong, very intense experience of the senses and emotions, lots of visual reference for the reader. I believe these works will be in his Art book as well.

Last year Nelson developed a clothing line ‘Te Gekkk’, you can see the sketches for the T-shirts on the wall of his studio.



I was happy to talk to Nelson about everything, things happening in the art scene on the island. Chatting about the things of the day and future projects. He also showed me some really cool digital artworks, part of a series he’s planning to exhibit in Holland. I guess that is for a next blog post.

Nelson lives in Aruba, is married to Tuesday and they have four children. Nelson participated at the Biennale of Havana, Cuba in 2015.




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