Walking the dogs

So my sis wrote:
“Hey You,
Life without dogsHappy Friday. Looking for nice morning walking spots with me dogs, no idea. Nature as well as near water, can you please give me any recommendations that at the same time are safe for the dogs and won’t have me run around them neither removing ‘pega saya’s’ afterwards?”

IMG_2005Today was the best day of the rainy season to walk the dogs. We were in the Bushiribana area and circled the goldmine ruin. 81 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius), partly clouded, a fresh breeze from the ocean. Good energy, good pace, no rattle snakes, a little drizzle when we got in the car. Raindrops on the windshield on the way back, 2 happy noses in the wind.

So yeah, good places to walk the dogs on the island…
Seroe Colorado, Bachelor’s beach, Rodgers beach, Ayo, Sabanilla Abou, North coast/Lighthouse, Barcadera (Schelpenrits) pero hopi pega saya, Andicuri and Black stone beach, Natural bridge and surroundings, Bushiribana and surroundings, (Dogs are not permitted in Parke Nacional Arikok, so stupid!), Malmok beach, Phoenix pier, Savaneta beach, Cura cabay beach, Ceri Noka, Bushiri. Boulevard if you have to walk the dogs in the evening, because there is street lighting, but it is noisy.

Dionne: “thnks :-)”



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