Love4Art Studio is a group of 10 painters. We are in a 4 session workshop with contemporary artist, Nelson Gonzalez. We are looking at Pop-surrealism. The evaluation of the workshop was really positive. We did different exercises to start a thinking process and a different approach to set up a work. With sketches, collages, text and images, translating from image to text and back, working solo and in pairs, combining ideas and thoughts.
In session 1 we worked solo and in pairs and combined different experiments. We had to go through a magazine and write down words about images, associations and thoughts, wordplay.

Like so…flipping through a magazine…

20171108_215228zwarte handen, rode nagels
zachte konijntjes
ze hebben me nodig
Ja, ik wil een hond
gelukkige muziek
blauwe ogen, in vorm
soms is het vies
circus is niks
een varken in New York
lekker in mijn vel en
macht in mijn haar.

Combining my experiment with Birgitte’s experiment led to this…



Seize curiosity
balancing through stones
breathe day and night
skirts, black hand, red nails
compass needed
music to the max
pig follows cow
Why does power in my hair
fuck me up?
dirty stress
feels good

In session 2 we did exercises with drawing, with the right hand and the left hand, blindfolded, following the music, alone and leading your partner’s hands…

IMG_0599 (2)

In session 3 we watched an animation of ‘The garden of delights’ by Hieronymus Bosch (8 min) which was painted around 1710 and a clip with Andy Warhol eating a hamburger from Burger King (4 min). To compare the works we had to write down keywords of our observations. 50 words of ‘The garden of delights’ and 25 words of the Andy Warhol clip. We discussed the works and compared them. Nelson explained the relationship of the two artworks and that when you study a work you have to take into account the period it was made in and the influences of the society at that time as well as other factors. We also studied the works of Photograper Tim Walker.

We have homework for session 4, which is to make a proposal for an artwork using the technique we prefer, drawing, collage, photoshop or text. I choose research, moodboard, painting and Blog post.

So, in a next post: Work Title: ‘Isola, in an illusory state (of mind)’.












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