Pink childhood, happy color

In the beginning of September, me and my teammates of Love4Art Studio set up an exposition at Bureau Sostene mi, in Tanki Flip. Bureau Sostene mi is a call point for child abuse and neglect on Aruba.This is the second exposition for us in an office this year. (The first exposition is at CEDE Aruba, a centre which manages funding for social projects)
The exposition will stay for about a year. We will see what happens after a year, maybe works are sold, either leave them or switch some artworks. I have this work titled ‘Pink childhood, happy color’ in the meeting room.


Also a ‘Butterfly’ and an ‘Angel wardador di mondi’.
I think it is a nice way of getting more exposure as a group. Also I love the make-over concept for offices and waiting rooms. And I love working with my teammates.
‘Pink childhood, happy color’ is 140 cm X 80 cm. I tried different layers of acrylic paint, 1st layer drip technique and then I tried different things, dry brush and rolling. I started creating the composition with a collage of circles and then the bird came by and stepped in. I feel I have to help taking care of the birds because we have so many Boa’s on the island which reduces the bird population and the population of small animals. I love this composition and the outcome of all the experiments and the colors.


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