I have been feeding birds for years and for a little while I had this idea to create a bird sanctuary, but it is complicated. Aruba has so many Boa’s now. every now and then one visits to get the ‘special of the day’.

img_1011.jpgI call the Park rangers to pick it up and they have done so every time. Today Park ranger mr. Salvador Franken came to pick up this one but he made a sudden movement with his hand and got bitten.
Sometimes days start in such unexpected ways. I think this Boa had been waiting in this particular spot for 24 hours and he was certainly very hungry and dehydrated, it seems. When I first got a Boa in my yard I totally panicked. This morning I was able to get pretty close to get a picture. Salvador asked me to get a picture of him and his bleeding finger. Maybe to post online or use for a workshop or demonstration. He said it was his own fault to put his hand so close. the Boa thought his hand was the prey it had been waiting for.



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