Collage painting, an exciting thing

We, the artistic ladies of the love-for-art-logo had a great workshop with famous Collage painting artist, Nancy Hernandez from Argentina. Nancy Hernandez used to live in Aruba and still visits regularly to show her latest artworks. This time she had an exposition at the Renaissance shopping mall in Oranjestad. We were so lucky to have her at our studio.

img_8629On the first evening we worked on a collage. Nancy explained we needed to go through magazines and very intuitively tear out images paying attention to colors and patterns/lines. After that we laid the pieces on a sheet of paper and had to move the pieces around as in working with the pieces of a puzzle. We had to work towards composition by combining colors, lines and overlaying and braiding pieces of paper/images. I took pictures of the collage and decided to paint two parts of the collage.

Personally, I have been a fan of Nancy Hernandez collage paintings for years and was excited to do this workshop. It is a real treat. One of the reasons is that the composition is completely authentic and the outcome very surprising. Also, you see very different elements together which gives a feel of fantasy or a wonder world. And you can’t help to think ‘How did she come up with a composition like that?’

We did three workshops over the last year and a half. This workshop the group liked the most so far.

whatsapp-image-2016-12-17-at-9-32-28-amDiana: “I loved it! Nancy is a sweet and patient teacher who really wants you to understand and get her work methods and process. Making the collages was already something different for me, I usually cut everything into squares or stripes. That was a ‘No no’ with Nancy, just cut or tear everything up and go from there. Once the collage was done painting it was another first. Normally, I am not very precise but this needed to be done exactly right. Measuring everything to the millimeter and transfer the collage exactly the same way onto the canvas, it takes patience, but once it is done the outcome is great. Nothing I ever painted before. I will use this method more often because it gives me something to hold to and at the same time freedom”.

Trudis: “De workshop met Nancy Hermandez was erg leuk en een nieuwe manier om mooie schilderijen te maken. Na veel knippen uit mooie tijdschriften werd het plakken, schuiven en weer veranderen toen kwam er een verassend eindresultaat. Na een bezoek aan de expositie van Nancy Hernandez werd ik nog enthousiaster. De collage werd gekopieerd en verdeeld in vakjes om het vervolgens te vergroten op een canvas. Wat ik heel bijzonder vond was dat we met de donkerste kleuren moesten beginnen. Van donker naar licht werken. Mijn doek is nog niet af. Op de foto’s is wel mooi te zien hoe ik begonnen ben. Met veel dank aan Nancy, Best regards”.

img_8680Nancy told us to select images intuitively. She said we would subconsciously choose images we identify with or which say something about us or tell a part of our story, she literately said “It is inside of you”. I have a pretty big tree in my yard. my mother gave it to me, years ago, tiny, in a pot. It has pink flowers, I don’t know the name…I could look it up. One of the branches came down a few months ago. It didn’t break or die. It lays there on the ground and needs support, I suppose. Every morning I look at it from my bedroom window. It is very much alive but is dormant right now. It kind of blocks the view also. I am studying the tree to see if it really needs this branch. So should I have it supported or should I have it cut? This is the question. Since the rainy season started the garden seems…well…full and overwhelming. But the branch that says something about the tree and of the current status of the relationship between my mother and me is in the collage.

More on Nancy please visit her website


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