Aruba’s donkeys

I was a volunteer once, a long time ago. I liked working on the donkey farm. I have nice memories of that time. I would go on Tuesdays if I remember correctly. Desiree introduced me and showed me how to feed the donkeys, clean the stables and give them water. I was afraid of horses before I started as a volunteer, they are so big. I worked with Desiree 2 or 3 times and she showed me what to do. Then, one day I started my shift, first time working alone. I drove up to the gate in Santa Lucia. Got out and walked up to the gate. And surprise! the whole donkey community was standing at the gate, waiting, excited about the visitor, me. And hungry, very hungry. They were pushing each other, kicking each other. And I had to walk through the herd and make my way to the container where the donkey food was stored. Oh, my God was I scared! You know how they sniff you, push you, and make sounds that make you nervous? I had to get out a bag of food and get it all the way to the other end to the crib. Well, I made it and a few days ago I went back for a visit, after many years. I worked here for 2 years as a volunteer and got rid of my fear for donkeys and horses and found a love and appreciation for them.

Aruban donkey
Aruban donkey

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