A big discussion in the washing machine…

A Photography workshop assignment: Illustrate the following story…

A discussion in the washing machine

She put all the colors together
The black underwear has stained the pink panties.
Now nothing is as it was…
On the line!
The black underwear, feeling badly, breaks the silence…
Miss Pink, it really wasn’t my fault, I am so sorry to have spoiled your permanent makeup…
Just as I am sorry not to be as gentlemanly and beautiful like before.
Mister Black.
Your gentle-manliness is to be admired.
Your friendliness is something to be envied.
But your ignorance is infinite.
For you only talk about the external while I only think in condemning myself to a drawer
and not in partying ever again..!
Miss Pink, what I was thinking and have not said is that even imprisoned in the same drawer, I lament that we are in separate sections.
The dialogue between underwear when no one sees them!!!

(Nelson Gonzalez, translation Andre LeGrand)


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